Privacy Policy


This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") applies to the personal information that Ventura processes in connection with Ventura services, websites and related services (the “Platform”), that link to or reference this Privacy Policy.

Data Controller: We control you data, that means you can contact us via [email protected] or our "contact us" page to request data deletion and opt-out anytime!

What Information We Collect

We collect your information in two ways:
Information You Provide, Automatically Collected Information. More detail is provided below.

Information You Provide

Account Information. We collect information that you provide when you set up an account, such as your username, email address and/or telephone number, and password. You can add other information to your profile, such as a bio or a profile photo we also collect metadata (such as when, where, and by whom the account was created). We collect your payment card information or other third-party payment information (such as PayPal) where payment is required. We also collect your transaction and purchase history. Surveys, Research, and Promotions. We collect information you provide if you choose to participate in a survey, research, promotion, contest, marketing campaign, or event conducted or sponsored by us. Information When You Contact Us. When you contact us, we collect the information you send us, such as proof of identity, feedback or inquiries about your use of the Platform or information about possible violations of our Terms of Service (our “Terms”), Community Guidelines (our “Guidelines”), or other policies.

Automatically Collected Information

Technical Information. We collect certain device and network connection information when you access the Platform. This information includes your device model, operating system, keystroke patterns or rhythms, IP address, and system language. We also collect service-related, diagnostic, and performance information, performance logs. We automatically assign you a device ID and user ID. Where you log-in from multiple devices, we use information such as your device ID and user ID to identify your activity across devices to give you a seamless log-in experience and for security purposes. Location Information. We automatically collect information about your approximate location (e.g. country, state, or city) based on your Technical Information (such as SIM card and IP address). Cookies. We use cookies and similar tracking technologies to operate and provide the Platform. For example, we use cookies to remember your language preferences, make sure you don’t see the same video more than once, and for security purposes. We also use these technologies for marketing purposes. To learn more about our use of cookies, please see our Web Cookies Policy and Platform Cookies Policy. We will obtain your consent to our use of cookies where required by law.